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The Middle

the greatest, most frustrating, blankest page anyone could ask - or not ask - for. the Middle is invigorating and full of potential. the Middle is empty with no map. the Middle is where we live nearly all of our life. big moments are fleeting and often overplayed. within the stories below, you'll find characters struggling in a painfully relatable way, as they learn to embrace the Middle,

accepting that the future is, while totally unpredictable, theirs to write.

Wheel of Miss-Fortune Available Now on Amazon!

Hazlie Alton didn't make her own bed until she turned 18. She changed majors every semester through college. Cooking? Good luck. It was never a problem, until she got kicked to the curb by her ultra-ambitious boyfriend. Now utterly alone and with zero possessions - unless you count the walls of the apartment she can't make rent on - it's time for Hazlie to toughen up and enter the real world, one fail at a time.

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Don't Play with Fire (Currently unavailable)

A high-paced novel about forbidden love, shady people, and the strength of female friendships. Join 22 year old Vivian and her friends as they fight through a web of dangerous lies!

Something Worth Fighting For (Currently unavailable)

A classic summer love story of realizing what is important in life and finding someone who makes your heart feel at home.